plutonic mind

After playing Chopin, I need to play Bach to feel clean again

A pianist, composer and sonic alchemist, plutonic mind is fusing contemporary classical and electronic music genres. Her compositions are characterised by intricate harmonies, which span a diverse range of emotions, encompassing introspective and melancholic tones as well as uplifting elements and sonic textures.

plutonic mind has received prestigious music grants and scholarships. In 2021, she was honored with the Zukunftsstipendium from the Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media and the Hamburg State Music Council. The following year, she received a grant by Deutscher Musikrat. Her works have been showcased in virtual galleries and been featured in physical exhibitions, including DYOR at Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland and NFT.NYC, New York City, USA.



Melodies, once captive within ivory confines, now pirouette through the ether, interweaving a symphony of synesthetic marvels. Welcome the echoes of tomorrow.

  • Edition of 13
  • minted: 15th of October 2023
  • manifold


A journey through the neon rhythms and pulsing beats of the city, and an invitation to lose and find yourself in the endless possibilities of a sonic kaleidoscope.

  • Edition of 33
  • minted: 12th of May 2023
  • manifold


Music blueprint in collaboration with strayltd

The Metaverse exists through belief, as a crisp crypto winter tests our reserve, let art and music guide us. A future built on the remains of the past. Credo in Futurum. Web2 websites, logos, terms and conditions get rekt, repurposed and reused. Credo in Artem. Renditions of renaissance prayer confirm the belief of us all. Credo in Musicam. Gathering the remaining degens together. Credo in Amorem. Our belief is universal. Credo in Metaversum. 

Music: plutonic mind, Art: strayltd, Latin translation: mymarc.

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media as part of Neustart Kultur.

  • music blueprint, 1/1 NFT
  • minted: 22nd of december2022
  • AsyncArt


A collaboration with Silvio Lorusso & Sebastian Schmieg, live at Kunsthalle Zürich as part of DYOR

A collaborative artwork by: plutonic mind: 4 slices. The pie was exhibited at Kunsthalle Zürich on December 16, 2022. For the duration of the exhibition DYOR, a 16 square-metre LED wall will display a circular pie-like shape divided into six slices. A dedicated website: will livestream the pie 24/7.

Via the website, artists are able to purchase one or more slices and fill them with their own artworks, thus becoming full participants in the exhibition. To define the appearance of the whole pie, they collaborate or compete or hustle – or simply leave the final composition to chance. Once per day, at a random time either determined by an algorithm or through a paid option on the website, the current state of the pie is frozen and subsequently minted as an NFT and sold on Every 24 hours the whole process starts again.

  • 1/1 NFT
  • minted: 16th of december 2022
  • Objkt


Music blueprint for international collective The Guild

Harmonies were given to 3 musicians to create their own music based on these harmonies. Visual artists created a collage that linked to each musical layer of the music blueprint.
Lead musicians concept: plutonic mind & marcotic, Harmonies: plutonic mindMusic: plutonic mind, marcotic, johnny filter.


for piano & video

1st movement

Everything you hear is played on a grand piano. Everything you see was recorded on a flight over London. The visuals have been manipulated to reflect the binaural recording technique.


for piano & video

2nd movement

Everything you hear is played on a grand piano and live recorded. Everything you see is the sky over Hamburg.


for piano & video

3rd movement

Everything you hear is played on a grand piano and live recorded. Everything you see was filmed in Hamburg, New Years Eve 2021. Exhibited in New York 2023.

The Wheel Of Samsara

visuals: strayltd, music: plutonic mind

Representing the cycle of birth and rebirth, the Wheel of Samsara gives guidance to Buddhists through allegorical depictions of life. This collage has been made from bits of


waltz in a minor

A fleeting glimpse of 8 muses. The creation of sound in time. You are the ninth muse. Now share your inspiration.


in a minor – binaural recording technique

  • 1/1 NFT
  • minted: 23rd of february 2022
  • rarible


Loop for piano solo, effects & video in a minor

This is a video experiment, my first step into the world of crypto art and my genesis piece.